You already know what spam is but watch the video anyway and you’ll learn even more.

So what about spam of the Internet kind? Is it as dangerous as the suppliers of junk mail filters would have us believe?

I have 2 email servers in operation for my clients- one gives me good  statistics about incoming email. To my horror I find that 80-90% of all our incoming email is junk mail from known providers of junk mail who have already been blacklisted. (These guys never give up) That’s nothing though; some servers identify as much as  99% of  incoming mail as  junk. The agreed on figure for most servers is something around 95% though.

Think about this from the point of view of someone sending out junk mail. It means that nearly all their attempts at sending it are stopped. Yet they still consider their efforts to be cost effective mainly because once you have an email list it costs so little to send an email to everyone on that list.

Ok so you wanna advertise to people but why not offer them a wide range of products if you must send junk email? What is it about Viagra that excites spammers so much anyway? Is there a high risk of impotence among spammers I often wonder.

New Zealand has legislation pretty much making junk email an offence.  They call it “unsolicited electronic communication”. Why doesn’t this also apply to television advertising? Why didn’t they broaden the law to make the junk mail that arrives in your letter box outside also an offense.

If you think about it – its even more important to stop dead tree junk mail because its environmentally wasteful and helps destroy our forests as well as adding to the piles of waste paper we find it so difficult to dispose of.

As for me I want to see our laws cover junk mail of all kinds and regard junk email as the least offensive. After all its so easy to press the delete key in your email programme but a lot harder to avoid other types of junk advertising.