And now after moving me to a new technical expert – Guess what? We go back over the same old ground we’;e already covered. I can sympathise with their point of view. The probably feel that anyone contacting them because SP1 wont install probably knows¬†very little about computers.¬†

Now it gets interesting tho. The last guy decided my case was too hard when I suggested their best option was just to supply me with a new install disk of Vista SP1. pounds simple – right? Well nothing is that easy. They only like to supply new disks to North American Windows users. So now we wait. I haven’t mentioned that I live on a pacific island way down at the bottom of the world. I just put in my correct address details and let them work it out.

At least they do agree that the best option is just to start again with a fresh install. For me probably a Christmas project that I can do when business is quiet.