I’ve often wondered about the usefulness of anti virus software & whether we really need it. Yes I have collected a few viruses over the years (starting in 1984 with the famous Stoned virus) but except for Stoned none of them has done any damage and all (except stoned) were caught by me and not my anti virus software.

For me the biggest source of viruses has always been email BUT all the viruses I have received in an email are so obvious that my virus scanner hasn’t even had a chance to look at them before I’ve had them deleted.

I don’t advocate not using security software on your computer. There are definite threats to your security involving identity theft etc. The issue for me is how much time does an average user spend maintaining their computer and preventing threats? And does the danger of virus attack justify all the time spent updating, installing and fixing your anti-virus software.

In my opinion hacking and destroying someone else’s operating system on their personal computer achieves very little. There is probably a lot more to be gained by keeping the PC intact and either stealing something from the victim or trying to get them to part with their money somehow.