Its been a long time since the Politically Incorrect radio show was heard but it turns out that a lot of the thoughts aired there are coming true.

Who would have thought that a National government with their alleged desire for freedom and personal responsability would have  sprung a higher tax on smokers with the promise of more to come? This government is making a clear statement to the nation that smoking should be a privilege reserved for the wealthy only. Still I spose the higher the retail price for cigarettes the more incentive the black market will have to start to provide an alternative supply. Who knows one day cannabis might be a cheap alternative to tobacco.

There are hints that alcohol will be the next thing targeted and then maybe fast food. What about a blanket tax on everyone who doesn’t vote National?

Historically the National party has been the party of low tax but I think that this government will probably be remembered as the government that raised taxes. (Remember GST is also set to rise sometime this year)