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And now after moving me to a new technical expert – Guess what? We go back over the same old ground we’;e already covered. I can sympathise with their point of view. The probably feel that anyone contacting them because SP1 wont install probably knows very little about computers. 

Now it gets interesting tho. The last guy decided my case was too hard when I suggested their best option was just to supply me with a new install disk of Vista SP1. pounds simple – right? Well nothing is that easy. They only like to supply new disks to North American Windows users. So now we wait. I haven’t mentioned that I live on a pacific island way down at the bottom of the world. I just put in my correct address details and let them work it out.

At least they do agree that the best option is just to start again with a fresh install. For me probably a Christmas project that I can do when business is quiet.

After being asked too many questions about how Vista works from numerous people I decided to take the plunge & buy a copy a few months ago. Personally I like XP and understand how it works but it seems that its become inevitable that sooner or later we’ll all be using Vista whether we want to or not. If I had my way I’d use Linux but that’s another story.

I had XP Pro installed which isn’t regarded as the correct upgrade path to Vista Premium. This means you need to go through with the upgrade process then have the software tell you that its unable to upgrade and that it will now do a clean install which then works fine. A shame you can’t just do the clean install but no you need to have the installer tell you it wont work first.

Surprisingly I found that all my old applications worked fine. Some required a bit of tweaking but nothing major usually just running the programme as administrator solved any problems. My accounting application came out in 2000 and even that working with no problems.

The only thing that wont run in Vista is Vista’s own Service Pack 1. This is totally bizarre. You would think the one thing that would be guaranteed to work flawlessly would be something produced by Microsoft. Lucily Microsoft know of problems so have offered support to help get the service Pack installed.

To date – I have been communicating back and forwards with the MS  support people & its looking like the problem might just be too hard for them. We started back on the 12.September. The first person has given up (the problem was obviously too hard to solve) & now my case has been handed onto an “Escalation Engineer”. Why use an engineer when there are no engines involved?  beats me!

Vista is actually working well without the service pack upgrade so I have nothing to complain about – its now become a challenge just to see if we can do it.

As of today (8th November) their latest recommendation is to do an in-place upgrade. This basically returns your system back to when it was first installed. For me it means going through the hassle of re-installing all my applications and of course setting my whole system up from scratch. Something I don’t want to do. I think if I have to do  a re-install I might as well just do it using a complete version of Vista SP1. That way I avoid even having to do the installation of SP1. I have requested a new version of Vista from Microsoft – it will be interesting to see how that goes.

Where to from here you might ask – stay posted.

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