I suddenly discovered yesterday that Nero 6 which I’ve used for years doesn’t work with Vista. What to do? The obvious option was to upgrade. Although like most things if you need something new its an opportunity to re-think the whole thing. A quick google search & I found InfraRecorder.

Apparently this application is still being developed & improved but so far it does everything  I want. Its simple and obvious to use & just works.

There are 2 parts. InfraExpress (sort of like Nero StartSmart) which gives you quick access to all the basic disk burning functions. When you download InfraRecorder you get InfraExpress as well.

Infras Express Screenshot

and InfraRecorder which generally opens when you click an option in InfraExpress. InfraREcorder gives you access to the files you want to burn to disk and all the other advanced options you might want to burn a disk.

InfraRecorder - Screenshot

InfraRecorder – Screenshot

From what I can see so far the only thing it wont do is burn a blue ray disk – I don’t have one anyway so who cares.

Try it – its free & it works. You can download InfraRecorder & InfraRecorder here.